People usually have a dominant style acquired thru genes, upbringing and work experience, but they can still modify it, work on it, or tone it down. Its difficult to switch totally, but its possible to adapt. Style can be thought out, planned and executed.
--Tim Day, CEO Bar-S, Foods

Impressions and Perceptions

A common saying “First Impression is the last Impression” is not entirely true as image of others are our own perceptions and they can change over time, however in the current age where time is the most valuable asset, especially in business world, we usually have one shot at accomplishing a rapport with a prospect. Similarly, in social gatherings, we come across a variety of people and our brain constantly makes assumptions about others we come into contact with.

“55 Percent” is Dress and Physique

Research suggests that people size other people within the first three to four seconds of an encounter. Within the first thirty seconds, at least ten assumptions are made about the other person including Social status, Economic status, Educational attainment, Profession, Marital status, Ancestry, Trustworthiness, Credibility, and the likelihood of success. This is an unconscious process that our brain processes during a first encounter. Since we meet several people every day, and in order to categorize the process, our brain by default processes information based upon minimal knowledge prompting us on which individuals to associate with. So it would be fair to say that people are attracted to people based upon their appearance. When someone is dressed similarly 

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"Civility Costs nothing and Buys Everything"
--Lady Mary Wortley Montagu

January 28th, 2015

My Three Years Old son reminds me of the idea of Personal space

The past few occasions while my son and myself waited in the car for my daughters and wife to get ready and join us few minutes later, I noticed more than once my son who is barely three years old wanted to sit in the exact same 
place in the car. When the rest of the family joined, he would insist on sitting in the same place and th
en literally fight with his sister for his personal space. It was an interesting observation and reminded me of our foreign student orientation at Indiana Institute of Technology as a freshman back in Spring of 1991. We were a group of about ten students, all from South East Asian background. The concept of the gathering was to familiarize us with the cultural aspects of American Culture with a lot of emphasis on personal space. It was our first week in the United States of America. 

"Entrepreneurs are not made, they are born. You can't take Entrepreneur 101. They are a sum total of their life experiences from childhood on... Entrepreneurs have a fire in the belly. A company started by an entrepreneur often turns to a professional manager once the ship has been built. The Entrepreneur needs someone to maintain the ship and keep it dry."
--Lonard Abramson, CEO, US Healthcare

Successful Entrepreneurship stems from learning from your past experiences and expanding upon them

June 30th, 2014

Small Business Basics:

As an owner of a small business, with limitations on staff, it is imperative for the business owner to multi task in order to run a smooth operation. I recall, years ago when I started my first business after leaving my job as a Manager for a company, I thought it would be a piece of cake to run a small business as I had been running a big business operation successfully. So will do better than the competition and my own business would grow rapidly. Within a year's time frame, only to realise that running a small business was a very difficult task, and what I learnt during my professional career was basically to keep a bird eye's view with a lot of support staff to do their jobs, with my job only limited to looking at spreadsheets day in and day out to meet corporate budget targets and try to exceed the forecasted numbers. Without a doubt, the on the job training prepared me to look at business in depth and to strategise, but now as an entrepreneur, it was only me with a limited staff to do it all. I failed miserably in my first business, but learnt what not to do in my next business venture.

Getting out of the Corporate employee mindset:

The first mistake I had made was to select a bad location for my business. In a retail environment, the place did not have sufficient traffic and visbility. I did not have the input of the Corporate Marketing Department I was used to, back then when only made a decision after listening to their view point.

Negotiating a propper Lease term and rent Increase cap:

The second mistake I made was to not properly negotiate my lease agreement with the landlord. Call it a lack of experience or a corporate 

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